oh hello, gorgeous...

we bought our first non-animal piece of farm equipment last week. she's a diesel F-250 1989. i am in lust. she has a big ol bench seat that feels most like an old man's couch. a perfect back bench for rudy and rose (nick said no pigs were allowed in the truck....but considering i have photographic evidence of rose snuggling with him in bed, i think i'll be able to stretch the rules here). and we're running her on biodiesel while we decide if we want to convert her to grease. i've so far only taken her to the feed store and the gas station...not for any utility other than the hope that one of the local farmers will see what a badass truck i drive now. nobody has said anything....but i know they're all thinking it.

its the first car i have owned where i not only see its immediate utility, but see my future in relationship to the truck. i see the flowers and veggies and eggs and milk i'll be filling the bed with to go to market. i see wood posts and wire thrown in there as we go around our future farm building fences. i see sleeping bags and mattress pads in the back where we'll sleep whenever we have to look after a sick animal in the field. it gets me really quite pumped for what lies ahead for us in our lives as farmers.

i never thought i'd be so stoked about a truck. but here we are.


  1. sweet ride! every farmgirl needs a truck!

  2. hi! i just found your blog through bleubird and i'm so, so smitten. my husband and I are working so damn hard to get ourselves onto a nice piece of land! we have chickies (10!) and a giant garden...but we live in the suburbs right now. and they won't let us mess with the bees! so sad. :( anyways, i haven't had time to read much of your blog but you totally had me at baby pig..!

  3. I found your blog from another blog and I am so glad you decided to come back from break because i LOVE it.

    Looking at your pictures is like looking at home.
    And I like home.
    My Papaw (yes, papaw) has a truck like that on his farm. It gets the job done.


  4. I just found your blog through bleubird and everything style. It is wonderful! What an amazing and inspirational lifestyle you lead.
    I just got my very own 1988 Ford F150 and I love it so much! I did a post about it recently: http://dearfishvintage.blogspot.com/2011/04/ford-f150.html. I hope you have as much fun with your truck as I am having with mine!

  5. Can you explain more about running the truck on 'grease'.. what do you mean by that exactly? Thanks.

  6. running a car on grease is to run it on used cooking oil. you need to convert the diesel car/truck to do so but its not too involved. its great, because its free. i don't know much about the exact details, that is 1000% nick's arena. but i do know it can be messy and that i will most likely stay as far away from the production side of things as i am able.

  7. hooray for trucks! I'm remembering the time in college when I had to drive my mom's old Chevy Cheyenne *with* a camper shell~she drove well but was not very cool in my college town. My best friend took one look at her and stated "New birth control?"
    My next truck will be more utilitarian I am sure!! Have fun with yours~good times await!

  8. @ anie....ooo chevy cheyenne? with camper?? you were one stylin college kid


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