bienvenue. i've seen many new faces on here in the past several days. i think i have both my darling sweet melissa and the ever so charming miss james to thank for that.

so i wanted to say....hi. so, hi.

you've all asked so many questions that i just wanted to point you in the direction of an old blog of mine that might help clear some things up. such as, why i'm on a farm. why i love pigs so much. why i'm never going back to an office job. and why i do things like eat whoopie pies for breakfast....one of which i am finishing right now, so must run out to the farm and let those blasted chickens out and feed those insatiable pigs.


  1. Hi!

    I saw a cheerwine on your old blog (YUM!) but have you tried Dr. Enuf?? It is bottled in east Tennessee (my home) and is my number 1 to my number 2, cheerwine. (Sweet tea not included of course!)


  2. hi michele,

    no i haven't tried dr. enuf! though, immediately drawn to it by the name. is it only found in tennessee?

    (you have lovely photos by the way on your etsy shop)

  3. Hi Kate, I am a big but very new fan of Miss James and I came to you through her. I am in love with your blog now too! I am in New Zealand (which I see you have visited) and am a crazy animal person. I would love to some day live on a farm so I can go REAL CRAZY with collecting animals x Megan

  4. Hi Kate! I just started to read your blog (and I did get the idea from Melissa), and your farm looks absolutely heavenly! Do you have any good recipes for fresh-from-the-farm foods?? I live in Illinois, so farming is pretty prevalent, and I'd love to hear what you guys love to eat with the delicious foods you get down there.

    Best wishes with your return to blogging!

  5. oh thank you kate for looking at my shop!

    mostly you find dr. enuf in east tennessee. When I lived in Georgia I had it shipped to me. (they have a website) and I can find it sparingly in my new home here in Greenville. I think I found it in asheville once at a gas station!

  6. @ Megan, New Zealand will always have a very very special place in my mind. I am in love with that land. I see your based in Auckland? I have family that were sheep farmers in Queenstown and so that is where I have spent the most time.

    @ Emily A, fresh from the farm food recipe will come to you all very shortly. I will give you one hint, it involves asparagus, and lots of it.

    @ Michele, I have family in Greenville! I was just down there last month and got scared to pieces by a tornado that didn't even come close to me.

  7. It's the funniest thing - last week I was going through older posts on Melissa's blog, when I stumbled across a link to you. It happened to be May 3rd, the day of your first blog post in a while, so I took that as a sign that I need to be reading your blog :)

    I love it because it's very different from my life, and I love getting insight into different lifestyles. I know nothing about farming! Or life in rural America, for that matter (I'm fairly new to the US). And I love your photos. I look forward to reading your older posts.

  8. dearest kate.

    i am transitioning into the country life. my boy friend lives in an old farm house and we have a lovely garden. I enjoy your blog and photos.



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