stuck in a truck

we went to town today with the simple task of loading up the bed of the truck with leaf mulch for the garden. but the purdy little truck threw a tantrum just before we reached the glorious free pile of mulch. she just stopped. so i spent a good part of my day waiting, and pouting, and being a general useless sack-of-leaf-mulch in the cab of the truck while nick fixed things up. i did make one contribution, i had to give up my t-shirt to the cause as nick needed it to mop up some sort of oil & grease. goodbye t-shirt. as you can see....it was the most intriguing and nail-biting sort of outing.

1. i am in very desperate need of a pedicure. full stop.
2. do you remember this gum?? i loved it once-upon-a-time and impulse purchased it at the general store last week
3. while brightly colored, the flavor has the attention span of a flea
4. aside from the gum and, most evidently my camera, these were the only items in the car to keep me occupied....and they all sucked at that
5. nick, finally back, saved the day, he told me in great detail and with some excitement what was wrong and how he fixed it....i wasn't listening though, or i'd tell you

best part of the truck? the bench seat up front that lets me sit right next to my boyfriend.


  1. You make me smile. Over and over again.

  2. This post made me smile this morning! loved that gum, you have a great eye, and you too look GOOD sitting right next to each other! by the way... FREE mulch??? how did you find that? and is there more?!?

  3. thanks ladies :) @holly, free leaf mulch at the public works dept in carrboro


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