ça suffit!

it is no longer pleasant to go inside or outside. i give up. uncle uncle uncle. i was such an insufferable brat this winter saying its not that hot...you get used to it....we don't even need a/c.  ugh. i wish somebody had smacked me. it is that hot. we just got back from the movies and i can hardly find any energy to write. i think i will have a cup of raspberry gelato with a topping of lemon sorbet, dose my head under the outside hose and then off to bed. must start chores and garden work before the sun gets itself too high.

1. i am averaging one strawberry every 2 days in the little patch i planted. not quite enough to open up a pick-your-own.
2. a very grainy photo of a very well deserved smoothie. thank you thank you mama for the blenderrrr.
3.  i got a new-to-me easel from a friend who is moving back to california...my paints & brushes are pleased.
4. nick and i worked around and on the house all day, in our undies and straw hats. fortunately, the only visitors we had to day came around 7 am in the form of 12 large pigs that had escaped.
5. there are no smiles in the daytime heat.
6. my success of the day. i used my new badass heavy duty sewing machine. it took all day, i don't really want to tell you about it, but aren't they pretty?


  1. those pillows are lovely. but the heat sounds insufferable, the movies sound like a good place to cool down, unless it was a drive in...:) lovely blog.

  2. i odnt miss that NC summer heat one bit! Its about 80 here, but the ocean breeze is keeping it quite cool. Beautiful pillows dear - and happy birthday to you! Im right behind you (august) same age!

  3. It really is way to hot. What the heck are we going to do when it is August?


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