i don't want you to grow up

advanced apologies for the pg-13 nature of this photo, but yes, that is me in the shower with rose.

darling rose,

i don't want you to become a pig.
i want you to stay piglet sized forever.
i want to still take you into the shower and suds you up with dr. bronners and make you smell like eucalyptus.

i want to take you on trips to the mountains or to the seashore.
i want you to always like blueberry yogurt and orange slices and pita bread.
i want you to forever sleep in your little doghouse right off the front porch.
i want you to follow me like a little lamb around the farm on chores.
i want you to be quite sure of your place as my little girl.
i want  you to jump onto the couch for tv dinners.
i want you to always yank your head upwards from whatever you are doing & then gallup towards me when you hear me calling "rose" around the fields.

i know quite well that raising a piglet is not like raising a real child, no matter how many times i make the comparison. and i am quite aware of the oddity of the friendship i have formed with her. but this past sunday, we spoke with our future farm bosses, up in massachusetts (HAVE I TOLD YOU WE ARE MOVING TO MASSACHUSETTS?!?), and they gently informed us that they don't allow animals in the house....if you haven't gathered yet, we allow everybody into the house --i cannot even begin to process how that will affect the no.1 of dependents himself, our dog--

so tomorrow we begin training sweet little rose to a fenced in area behind our house. she will have all the bells & whistles that a modern day piglet demands...shady trees, good pasture, a pagoda styled home built by nick (upon further google search it looks nothing like a pagoda...i must be thinking of something else), a kiddie pool, compost galore, we are even importing a piglet friend, vangogh, from the other side of the farm to keep her in good, humorous, company. but i hate change. and true to form, i am hating every minute of making rose more like a pig and less like my little rose. so i had to vent whine to zee blog.


  1. I would totally do the same thing if I had a baby pig!! I love, love, love the picture!

  2. KAte darling- I am glad Longes Acres is Back!
    I love all your photos and comments
    oxox pete

  3. where in massachusetts, indeed?! xo pennie

  4. awww sweet rose. we had our pig inside...and in my bed for quite a while. i love it!
    whats the story with the mass move?

  5. this is the sweetest thing! this blog is so lovely one of my new favourite reads

  6. sorry for those comments that were erased. silly blogspot bug that erased them all last thursday.


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