a wretched crafts-person am i

 today. trying to deal with the onslaught of may birthdays through packages and letters. i find it nearly too much trouble to get to the post office. nothing has changed in these 26, almost 27, years. and with mail arriving from paris, san francisco, brooklyn, and the island in the past few days i am only more reminded of my failure to execute such things in a timely manner. 

the back room has turned into a dim crack-den of my crafts & papers (as evidenced by the final photo). my sewing machine resides there temporarily and has created a whirlpool of feathers, glitter, fabrics, envelopes & stamps, dresses that need hemming, abandoned needlepoint projects, and even some unexplained chicken food around it. if i were nick, i would put a moratorium on such crafts

it is monday. which is, for all intents and purposes, my saturday. we don't do normal weekends a la ferme. saturday is our busiest day for markets and sunday is our day for the 3 of us to recoup on the farm and give the animals some hard long looks. so nick, elizabeth, and i take some combination of the weekday days or hours off.

so mondays are for catching up for kate. for emails and letters and phone calls. i best get on with it then, eh? i already have a busy afternoon i've promised myself, one of running in the woods, followed immediately by napping in the hammock, followed there after by giving sweet rose a bath who is covered head to toe in mud today, followed by preparing with much pomp my one weekly dinner.

so, correspondence away i go.

1. roses stolen from next door.  i am a rotten rotten neighbor.
2. little guinea we had sleep chez nous last night
3. aforementioned little guinea's friend who was completely bonkers all night and thus they were both returned post-haste to the rest of their compatriots
4. the buttercup has quite nearly taken over the entire state of north carolina and it appears that not one damn farm animals finds them edible.
5. my den of inequity and crafts & me in my pajamas at an absurd hour of the day


  1. Très jolies roses!

  2. 4. Not even goats?? ;)

    Beautiful photos!

  3. Your blog is officially my new favourite! We live in the city but dream of escaping to the country and having a little farm of our own. Your pictures are so beautiful and inspiring. Thank you for sharing you wonderful world.

  4. @ Noelley, that is a good question! I'm not sure if our goats like it....they do seem to eat ANYTHING....but they are a quite spoiled little bunch of goats and the prefer my cast offs from the garden, like broccoli greens and bolted lettuce.

    @ Katie, I suggest visiting farms outside of the city now...that way farm life will start to seep into your everyday and slowly take over causing you to quit any high paying respectable job you may have and devoting your life to the pursuit of manure and clean waters for the chickens :)

  5. Thanks so much for taking the time to reply! I actually grew up on a farm so I know what it's all about and I miss it so. It wouldn't take much to push me to make the move right now! :)

  6. peeps on the table - a must!
    beautiful stolen roses and portrait :)

  7. Getting "in the zone" of crafting is one of my favorite time sinks lol. And welcome (almost) to cool late-20's-club! I just turned 27 too...its a good age ;)

  8. I found your blog on Monday (via bleubird vintage) and have since read every post (and want so, so badly to put in my two weeks notice). Thank you for sharing your life.


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