there are other animals on this farm aside from rose & a bunch of chickens

 i guess i tend to forget that most blog days. i suppose its due to the place they all hold in my life. they are my work.  but funny enough, they're actually all offensively adorable (or ugly, in the instance of the turkey). so please, take in their horrible cuteness for just one moment and alleviate my guilt for not introducing you all in a more timely manner.

1. animal numbero uno, who, like a first child when the second is born, is continuously overlooked. i can't count how many nights we're lying in bed and one of us asks the other did you feed rudy at all today? neither of us can ever say for sure.
2. rose is far & away the most rotten spoiled of the pigs, but we have hundreds, literally, they live in shady pastures with good wallows all around us.
3. this is winter. she is a busy body. and a clear example of the origin of the word goatee.
4. a narragansett turkey tom. part of our turkey breeding stock. he thinks he's beautiful, so we'll just leave it at that.
5. very clearly not an animal, but i thought i'd give your eyes a bit of a rest
6. this is edelweiss being a terror.
7. favorite rooster. i would like to make a dress out of his feathers. i have told him this, and since then he keeps me out of arm's reach. i had to use the telescopic lens for him.
8. we have a couple hundred red devon & black angus cows. i never know how many there are or which pasture to find them in, they roam the 500 acres around us, so this was a lucky shot.
9. april, the goat, gave birth to kids this afternoon. boy & a girl. i got to carry them out of the field and into a pen....this was the highlight of my day, but it also left meconium all over my new goodwill farm shirt. a fast way to welcome a new piece of clothing to the farm.
10. a gratuitous shot of rose and me looking plainly insane.


  1. I recently found your blog and I am enjoying it SO MUCH! I live in New York City and I love seeing animals and simply grass.


  2. quick question: do you milk the goats? i absolutely love goats milk and would love to have a couple in my (huge) back yard or field for milk...but my mother tells me they're ridiculously difficult to milk (she's a farm girl, or was). opinions please, if you do this? thank you :)

    oh, and all your animals are adorable! even the turkey.

  3. love the pics! what precious animals. the flowers are beautiful - are they hydrangeas?

  4. Kate, you are inspiring. I live in Chicago as an art teacher and want to do exactly this. I work all day wrangling inner city kids and come home to my sweet Stella dog with dreams of farm life. I read, I travel there, but I can't seem to take the leap yet. Thank you for letting me live through your pictures :)

  5. @ tina, we milk a couple of our goats. the can be quite a horror to milk if they aren't totally human friendly. also, if they have horns, its not worth the risk in my view. BUT if you can find yourself a friendly goat, i'd say go for it. goat's milk is such a delicious treat!

    @natalie, i have no idea what flowers those are, they popped up in my cousins' garden last weekend.

  6. I love this blog so damn much.

  7. The flowers are lantana. When I was little, my sisters and I called them "marriage flowers." We'd tear off the little bunches of flowers and throw them up in the air onto each other :)


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