a green, rainforesty, day

have you ever been to the conservatory of flowers in san francisco? or spent more than 10 minutes in any greenhouse? yes? you must be somewhat familiar with that rainforest air, the kind that makes you feel like you are swimming instead of walking....that is the seriousness of humidity we are dealing with in central north carolina right now. the kind that soaks through your shirt and makes every last bit of straw and grime and dirt stick to your once-upon-a-time lovely, but now weathered & tanned skin. it is the exact weather that air conditioning units were created for.

fortunately for us, we have no such units, but we do have a whole lot of gardening and animal and tractor work to do on such days. so we try to not let the weather smother us. and we do things like take breaks at the creek, and have beers at lunch (followed by several liters of water). the humidity has got to blink first. it must. there is tell of a rain storm coming into night and lasting through the weekend. i don't dare dream, but i would be rather keen if it did stop by.

tonight we are off to a dinner party on the hill, underneath the hay barn, to send off a good friend of the farm in style. tomorrow is filled with famers markets. and sunday will be just another day on the farm. hopefully one of these days sweet little arlo will make it safely into this world and i can run off to see him do so and get a break from my beloved but muggy farm.

bon week-end everyone.

1. must pull-out this useless cabage that does not seem to be forming any sort of head, just flamboyant, large purple leaves..but they are too pretty.
2. nothing quite makes the farm look ever more green than a grey day.
3. a very long list of half-begun, half-finished books by our bedside.
4. rudy & rose having a break in the creek and catching a cool drink.


  1. i read Tina Fey's book last weekend on the vineyard in one sitting... it was so hilarious! i was laughing out-loud like an idiot all day! and i read the Lost City of Z last summer on the island. (apparently I only read for pleasure on the vineyard.) when are you guys back up here? xoxo

  2. ...also, i just saw your reply in an older comment i'd left. i can't figure out how to get subsequent comments via email :) glad you'll be out there at the end of summer!

  3. ahhh humidity! we have that here pretty much year round. i just like to think of it as moisturizer for my skin! the party sounds so lovely..

  4. loved The Lost City of Z. It both entertained and horrified me

  5. swooning over that stack of books. off to see if i can snag a copy of "forages" on ebay!

  6. Hi, I just found your blog. Your pictures are amazing. I love Barbara Kingsolver books. Now I am off to Amazon to see what "Forages" is all about <3- Noelle

  7. mmm, this is the perfect weather to do the mummy all day long!

  8. oh i'm glad you all have such encouraging things to say about the books we're torturing! wish us luck.

  9. We're dealing with the humidity in Florida too. Ugh.. this is going to be a long summer!

    I couldn't find the answer anywhere on your blog, but I am curious about the farm you work on. Are you live-in caretakers or is it your own farm? I am always looking for information as we are currently saving to purchase a farm of our own within the next two years. This fall we are taking a road trip (to NC, actually) to look at different towns and areas we might consider so we can start planning.

  10. Hi Beryl Lynn,

    We are living and working as the farm manager couple on my cousin's farm. If you want to read more about how I/we got here you can look at a post I did on my old blog last summer (http://iletaitunefois.tumblr.com/post/866108314 ).
    I'm glad to hear you are looking at North Carolina for land. It is a wonderful wonderful community to farm in.

    Also, I just checked out your blog and through that found your etsy shop. I'm in love with your lunchbag :)

  11. This post made my heart happy. Also: Animal Vegetable Miracle is one of my favorite books!


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