and here we come to the weekend...my weekend...once again. today i am flattened with the thought of moving back to massachusetts. many of you kind and concerned people have asked about our plans for new england. when are we leaving. why are we running away from 500 acres of farm heaven. how do we plan to move a piglet who will more closely resemble a pig at moving date, a calf, the honeybees, the chucks. where in new england will we land. who in their right mind would invite us and our entourage to come & stay.

all really quite valid and thought provoking questions. and you'd hope i had all of the answers. but if any of you know me at all, you would know that i tend to initiate big moves like this without any forethought or interest in planning at all. any details that have been sorted out are to nick's credit alone.

we are leaving the carolinas at the very end of july. we decided to do so because we like to make like the french and take the entire month of august to holiday. we have found friends of friends who are young like us and are in their first year of owning and running their own 60 acres in western massachusetts. they have invited us & our animals to live and work with them through october. we are making the move because the one true thing about farming is that you never have any real free time and if nick and i ever want to see our families again, we need to farm as close to them as we are able. and we love new england. as much as we adore california and france and north carolina, the massholes are our people. the accents, the bad weather, the dunkin donuts. we embrace it all. and we can't wait to live among it again.

so we are going to be looking at land this coming year in new england. with the intent to start our own farm as soon as. i know we'll come out okay. this is our passion and our life's path. to be farmer's on our own land. it is going to be a trying time. i hope i don't become to insufferable during it all.

1. breaki of bread with raspberry jam and our honey from our honeybees while i tried to figure out veggies and flowers for the remaining three beds of the big garden.
2. asparagus that i will make into soup tonight and share the recipe with you demain.
3. my bounty from the garden for the aforementioned dinner.
4. the elusive guinea hen.


  1. bizarre thing to notice and comment on but i love that you are drinking gerolsteiner water. my lasting memory from my school exchange in germany when i was 15 was that we went to the gerolsteiner water factory and it was the dullest day of my life. i also didn't like their water AT ALL. but i'm glad that you do :)

  2. you will grow wherever you are planted.

  3. I am just SO happy I found your blog. You're living the life I someday hope to, and it's wonderful that you capture it so beautifully and share it with us. Thank you.

  4. came across your blog last week or sometime... i'm enjoying it so very much. everyday when i pick herbs from my pots on the three front steps that make up our 'land', i dream of a day where we can be self-sustaining. but for now, i'm happy to support the local farmers who are. and read about sweet people such as you. :)

  5. We are in the middle of a move from small town to big town. And it was only last year we moved from NYC.... These types of decisions are the hardest, but home is wherever you make it. When it's right, it's right.

    Love your blog. Good luck with your new adventures!

  6. what a dream, farming your own food..

  7. I love your blog, so happy I found it. Where in MA are you moving to? I work at a natural foods co-op and am familiar with most of the farms in western MA, maybe I'll know where you're headed!

  8. randomly happened upon your blog and instantly feel in love! thanks for sharing your journey with us! much love to you.


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