good lookin'


this is how the blog tries to debase my existence. all i desire is a quick and breezy, stunning -yet casual- photo session of me, in my white dress, freshly showered, smelling very un-like pig --hard to convey through such a medium, but you would see it immediately if you know me at all-- boba tea in hand with another for melissa, happy as a picnic basket in the a/c of the car....

...but, i'm going to have to perfect the iphone self portrait... i'm too sure that nick will, rightly, and immediately spot me for the narcissist that i am. so i can't ask him to take my picture. he knows me too well. he sees right through the iphone camera and into my vapid soul. so i take ninja photos. all in the name of the blog. can you even tell that is me? or that i'm drinking boba at all?

despite the lack of photographic evidence, the boba hit the spot. the bbq was scrumptious and ended up being air conditioned --for those of you who do not live in north carolina, it has been...and will continue to be...in the 90s all day, every day, all the g.d. week long-- arlo was as cute and babylike as he was the day he was born. everly & mylah are just about to apply to college. and nick and i soaked up a healthy dose of scotty, natasha, brent, and melissa before heading back to the farm.


  1. Boba sounds so good right now! And for being low angled, iPhone pics they're pretty cute :)

  2. Oh pretty girl. Ninja style or not... you never need to fret. :)


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