from bed to chairs to hammock, and around again

i'm sick. i'm being a bit of a drama queen about it too. but there you have it. had-to-sleep-in-the-spare -bedroom-with-a-bucket sort of sick. i slept 18 hours or so last night...give or take...and today i made a modest appearance on the farm. four hours of limply holding the role of bailing twine while we strung tomatoes and a short stint planting basil in the raised beds.

but tonight, i feel obliged to rally. my favorite boys are coming to town to play a show and so i will take a much needed shower, put on a dancing dress and go have a gingerale on the rocks with my sweetheart. also, since the rapture is happening tomorrow (anyone know what time, exactly?) i am feeling a bit pressured to not stay in and watch modern family reruns.

1. saltines and lemon water, my panacea. rose decided today she loves saltines with a spot of jam.
2. over to the hammock when life seemed too overwhelming on the chairs. my failure-to-progress with dickens is only making me feel worse.
3. rose was very pleased with the blanket i discarded in the throes of my fever.


  1. I must say... you make sick look good.

    Get well.

  2. aw so sad :(

    I hope you feel better.
    but I'm also a little jealous you've got a piglet to accompany your sick bed.

  3. wow, that first picture, my great grandmother all the way. saltines and lemon water were always on her porch. she, too, lived on a big farm with a big family.

  4. Even while sick you manage to take the most wonderful pictures and capture your world so beautifully. That hammock looks like heaven! Hope you're feeling better soon :)

    Katie x

  5. I wouldn't mind a hammock when I'm sick. :) Hope you are feeling better.

  6. thank you all you kind ladies. i'm happy to report i am officially on the mend this monday-day.

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