a hot day on the farm

today was a true summer day. it started with our mama hen hatching 4 beautiful baby chicks (and counting). followed by harvesting of lettuce, pea shoots, and young onions for tomorrow's markets. i finally got the lavender in the ground, along with rosemary, thyme, oregano, dill, and basil for our raised beds.

rose (the piglet) decided to come along on the day's chores. she is quite sure of her status among the pack of dogs here on the farm. and i love seeing her run her little legs as fast as she is able to keep up with them all. the one problem we have is her fear of the mighty and powerful creek (or crick as i try to say down here). i may need to build the rest of the little bridge for her so her dainty feet don't have to get too cold and wet. she is ever the lady.

now for a cold beer and feet up. rose and i are simply beat.

bon weekend.


  1. I just love your blog! The pictures ate so fin and refreshing. :))

  2. All your pics make me want a farm... WOW!! And little Rose is too cute:)

  3. I'm so glad you're sharing your photos again, doll face! They make my day!

  4. your blog is so inspiring to me! saw that you just recently ventured back here. i find that i go through blog phases. times when i post often--- and then months with maybe only 2 or 3 posts. i blog when it feels right. and i'm so glad you've decided to stay in touch here. i'm new to this space and am loving all the past entries. i live in detroit--- but am on my second year of an urban garden. i've even adopted a few chickens that wander our street from the next block over. i'd love to take on a real farm one day--- but until then--- your blog helps satisfy my desire to be in that natural place where you're one with nature!

  5. Wouaw, wouaw, wouaw....
    (I don't know if I should write in french or not?)
    well, I'm french and just discovered your blog a few hours ago....I just adOre it, the atmosphere, the photos, the way you write....
    good surprise of the day
    I'll come back for sure!!!
    À bientôt;-)

  6. Aww! A little piggy-pup! And congrats to the mama-hen :)

  7. @ Alfie, I'm so happy to hear about your urban garden and chickens in detroit! very much loving your coffee & stilettos blog!

    @ Aexandra I'm so happy to have zee french reading mon blog! you can write me en francais any day. it always gives me joy to read speak and write in such a lovely language.

  8. Kate, I think Rose is so adorable! And I find your blog so inspiring! I read it every day :) Thanks for visiting my blog and for the picture of Rose!

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